Sunday, 2 November 2014

wallington boilers: flexible engineer company at your service

Saunier Duval service by Plusinek Boiler Repairs - We offer service, repair and maintenance of gas stoves and boilers, Saunier Duval-in Wallington. We work on the full range of post-warranty service equipment that need repair not only do we fix boilers we also repair furnaces Saunier-Duval gas, including condensing boilers.

We are authorized Saunier-Duval Company for the installation, commissioning and first-warranty repairs. We rely on excellent knowledge of the construction and principles of operation of the equipment manufacturer, the right equipment our technicians in diagnostic equipment and a huge resource of basic replacement parts.

As a rule, repairs are done on-site without having to re-directions. With a wide technical knowledge, gained over years of experience of the highest quality We offer a maintenance services of boilers Saunier-Duval's. We invite you to use our services at

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